Our Newest Content Creators:

Modern Media Merch

Modern Media Merch is the best merchandising platform for up-and-coming content creators. With the rise of streaming, we're seeing new quality content like never before. But we're also seeing YouTube and other platforms failing to provide an adequate income for content creators. We've come up with a solution that benefits everybody.

For Content Creators: 

Cash in without selling out. We will never ask you to change your product or how you make it. With our groundbreaking short-term contracts, rising content creators can use Modern Media Merch to earn money and increase outreach without sacrificing long-term earnings potential. Thanks to our team, all you need to do is approve designs. We'll handle the rest. You could launch your very own merch page and start making money in as little as two weeks. For more information, check out this page.

For Fans:

Support your favorite content creator by purchasing their merchandise while saving money on the highest quality merch. If there's anyone you'd like to see merch for, fill out our contact form here.